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Student: Florian Mayer
Aufgabensteller:Prof. Dr.-Ing. Josef Pösl 
Durchgeführt in:Firma
Betreuer (Hochschule): Prof. Dr.-Ing. Josef Pösl , Prof. Dr. Ulrich Vogl 

Evaluierung der Laserspot-Qualität von Detektions- und Nivellierungsgeräten sowie Entfernungsmessgeräten

Thema (englisch)
Laserspot Quality Evaluation of Detection-, Levelling- and Rangefinding Tools

This master thesis improves an existing method to test the visual quality of laser spots in an automated manufacturing environment. An HDR imaging technique is implemented to measure laser spots by means of a camera system. The accuracy of the measuring system is evaluated. A modelling is realized based on an orthonormal basis transformation that allows description of visual laser spot defects and imperfections introduced by the laser module. To evaluate the obtained model, a machine learning method is applied. This approach successfully can classify laser spots of good and of bad visual quality.

Visual Laser Spot Quality Evaluation , High Dynamic Range imaging , Orthonormal Basis Transformation , Machine Learning 

Bildverarbeitung , Mustererkennung , Qualitätssicherung , Wahrnehmungspsychologie 

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