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Student: Andreas Junkes
Aufgabensteller:Prof. Dr.-Ing. Josef Pösl 
Durchgeführt in:Firma
Betreuer (Hochschule): Prof. Dr.-Ing. Josef Pösl , Prof. Dr. Franz Klug 

Development of a GUI-prototype for a register control unit

The company BHS Print- und Veredelungstechnik GmbH produces printing and cutting machines and sells these all over the world. In typography the so called passer-accuracy (accuracy by print on print) is the decisively factor for quality in the end product. A register control unit, which consists of a register sensor (hardware) and a graphical user interface (software), ensures an optimal passer-accuracy. This register control unit is bought in addition. That is involved with enormous costs, therefore BHS is interested in a development of an own register control unit. The task of this master-thesis is the creation of a graphical user interface prototype (BHS Cutline Autoset Pro, cutter) for the BHS own register control unit. Consequently the subtasks of this master-thesis are:
  • Development of the graphical user interface with the tool Winstudio 6.4.
  • Programming and integration of self-made ActiveX controls (MS Visual Basic 6.0) to display special contents on the GUI.
  • Configuration and test of the communication with the PLC (programmable logical controller).

  • Fachgebiete
    Automation , Oberfläche , Programmierung 

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