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Student: Marc Steuerer
Aufgabensteller:Prof. Dr.-Ing. Josef Pösl 
Durchgeführt in:OTH Amberg-Weiden, Universität Aalborg (Dänemark)
Betreuer (Hochschule): Prof. Dr.-Ing. Josef Pösl , Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alfred Höß , Prof. Dr. Anders P. Ravn 

Development of an image processing and controlling software for autonomous navigation of a mobile robot

Nowadays, robots become more important and are used in a wide field of applications. On the basis of this trend, this project has been carried out. The thesis is concerned with the topic to build a software for the autonomous navigation of a mobile robot. The robot uses a camera for the perception of its environment. The elaboration describes the whole way of the systems development process. It starts with the selection of a suitable robot architecture as well as of image processing methods. Further, the technique of finite state machines is introduced. In addition, the design of a software architecture is presented. The paper proceeds with the implementation and the testing of the entire system. Result of this project is a software prototype which provides the basic functionality of the robot system. Finally, the paper closes with an overview about possible improvements as well as system expansions.

mobile robot , image processing , robot architecture , principal component analysis , finite state machine 

Algorithmen , Automation , Bildverarbeitung , Mobiles Gerät , Programmierung , Roboter 

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